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From a hundred parts, to hundreds of thousands of parts, the process is the same to deliver exceptional quality and keep you running.

We have extensive experience supporting a number of industries and understand the challenges that each project can introduce. Whether you’re seeking extruded plastic parts or thermoformed parts, we are here to help you navigate the waters.

We invite you to contact us today to start on your project. We are confident you will quickly see why our customers continue to come back and use us as their preferred supplier time and time again.

Year Established

Different Products Produced

Sample Projects

Custom Protective Strip

After developing a new product, our customer contacted us for assistance. They needed a protective strip to cover two sides of their product, but also wanted it to make their product more aesthetically appealing. We worked together to produce the right product that would meet their needs.

Quality Vinyl Fence

Unfortunatley this customer had received multiple batches of brittle fence material from their previous supplier. As we bacame their new supplier for vinyl fence product, we were able to help them quickly fulfill on their current jobs while restoring confidence in their product line for both their customers and their install crews.

ESD Packaging Tray

After acquiring a smaller electronic component manufacturer, our customer asked us to help standardize their packaging between the two product lines while ensureing they were ESD compliant. We worked together to compare plans and rework tooling to simplify the packaging mix for their combined product lines.

Going Strong For Over 36 Years

In 1984, Plastics Resources was founded on the idea that manufacturing was alive and well in the United States for companies that could produce quality products and take care of their customers. Our core belief and mission hasn’t changed all that much since then. We still believe in producing quality products while taking care or our customers and our team members. We work hard to accomplish these goals while being innovative and environmentally responsible.

Let’s Build Something Together

Few feelings surpass those of seeing an idea come to life. We consider ourselves lucky each time we get to accompany our customers along the journey of making their idea or need a reality.

Why Choose Plastics Resources?

We recognize that our customers have options. We also know that most of the time we get one shot to take care of our customers. Our quality-based and people-centric culture makes the difference. Our teams genuinely care about the products they produce.

What Can I Expect?

As a family owned business, we don’t have outside shareholders demanding short term gains at the expense of long-term sustainability. This means that we do what’s right for our customers knowing that in the long-run, this approach will win out.

But Are You Fast?

You bet we are. We will move as fast as we can without compromizing the quality of the products we deliver. We know our customers on occasion are in a time-crunch and we will do our best to make every accomodation to expedite their order.

What Do I Need To Start?

With our experience we can help at any stage of the project. If you have a drawing with all of the requirements ready, we can easily review it and provide a quote. If you are needing some guidance on selecting a material or understanding your options, we are happy to offer suggestions and assist in the process.

Where will you ship?

While we are a U.S. based manufacturer, we have customers around the globe. Wherever you are, or wherever you need your product, we have your covered.

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