Custom Plastic Extrusion

PRI is a Utah-based custom plastic extrusion company that has consistently delivered finished, extruded profile products designed to exceed our customers’ expectations.

What is Extrusion?

Extrusion is a process where material is pushed through a die to create products such as vinyl fencing, tubing, flexible hose tubing and electronic packaging tubes.

What are the Advantages of Extrusion?

There are number of advantages to using an extrusion process to create your product, and PRI can customize your die and process to your needs. Advantages include:

  • Lower cost per part.
  • Ability to alter product post extrusion 
  • High production volumes
  • Variety in material use 
  • Easier to create complex cross sections

How Much Does Extrusion Cost?

Extrusion is a custom process, one that can be done according to your specifications, and we have the engineering and machinery to be able to customize your needs.If you are looking for quotes for custom extrusion, you have come to the right place.