Any extrusion job succeeds when you start with the end in mind, and a successful plastic extrusion concept comes to life when properly designed and engineered.

The specialists at Plastics Resources, Inc (PRI) have the expertise to help you get your job done correctly, on-time and on budget. Regardless of whether you are in the planning stage or looking for a new extrusion company, our team can meet your needs to bring your ideas to life.

PRI offers both 3D printed models to assist you as well as SolidWorks drawings to validate your idea or concepts or to help you rethink and improve your current products and processes. 

How to Effectively Create a Solid Product Design Plan with Plastics

The final result of any plastic product, plastic piece or plastic part relies on very precise specifications and a high standard of quality control that depends on a deep knowledge about plastics manufacturing, the plastic material required and the stress tests required for soft plastics, hard plastics, or even plastics that require electrostatic protection. The plastic material utilized is just as important as the fabrication process.

Finding a Plastic Extrusion Company Nearby for Speed

Every PRI plastics project relies on a solidly thought out process to help you get quicker delivery and faster outcomes when you need a plastic extrusion company nearby.   

Regardless of whether you are at the planning stage or you just need to get your product on the factory floor, we can help you get started right away, with close, fast delivery.

Plastic Material Options and Selection 

Even the most experienced product designers and engineers have a labyrinth of choices to navigate when it comes to deciding what proper materials for plastic manufacturing might be. We know plastics. PRI works intimately with our plastics material suppliers to be able to help you find the right thermoplastic compound. 

The Right Extrusion Tools = The Right Outcomes

Notwithstanding an all around designed plan and choice of the ideal resin material, a quality plastic extruded profile requires proper tooling. Our custom plastics tooling for your product will be planned and created by our accomplished tooling experts, which gives you top quality, consistent, affordable plastic products.