ESD/Anti-Static Packaging

Some of our very first products were ESD/Anti-Static packaging solutions for the semiconductor industry.

Packaging Tubes?

Since our inception, we have produced millions of packaging tubes to meet the various needs of the electronic component industry. We assure you that we know how to meet your needs.

Packaging Trays?

The very same customers that have relied on us for 30+ years to provide tubes also needed us to provide tray solutions as trays became more prevalent within the industry. We can deliver the products you seek.

Plugs, Pins, & End-Stoppers?

Whatever it is you are needing for an enclosure end-stopper, we have a solution to work with your part and ensure your components won’t shift in transit or be damaged.

Need Protection?

Some of our very first customers were the early pioneers in the electronic component industry. We learned early on, along with our customers, what was required and helped develop many solutions still in place today.

For new projects, we recommend leveraging our 3D printing capabilities to produce sample products that can be tested for fit and function prior to transitioning to production.

When you allow Plastics Resources to be your anti-static packaging solution provider you receive products that you can count on. 



We know that your parts need adequate protection. We also know that sometimes you have questions on how to best achieve the level of protection you seek. If your answers aren’t answered here, feel free to contact us.

Are Trays or Tubes Better?

It really depends on your processes and systems for the answer. However, if you need help standardizing the overall dimensions of your packaging products to simplify change overs and provide more consistency between your packaged products, we can help.

Do You Have Size Limitations?

With tubes, we can produce parts up to 5″ in circumference and in any desired length. For Trays we have a 18″ x 18″ forming area and can manage a depth up to 5″ with a mold assist and the right material.

How Good is Your ESD Protection?

We can produce your products with conductive material or apply our proprietary anti-static solution to your product. For products made with conductive material, protection will be based on the designated product. With our proprietary anti-static solution we are able to provide dissipative protection of 108 Ω.

Do You Have Quality Standards?

Plastics Resources is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. You can have confidence in our process and standards.