Anti-Static Trays

Full-service design and fabrication capabilities to deliver custom trays for your electronic components.

Your Preferred ESD Protective Packaging Experts

Plastics Resources began manufacturing trays in 2003 to help support existing customers that were needing ESD packaging trays to compliment their packaging tubes.

We have extensive experience in tool design and fabrication and can maintain tight tolerances to ensure your product fits properly in each cavity and that each tray fits properly in your processing station.

We are able to produce trays from a variety of materials, including PVC, HIPS, and PET among others. We are also able to apply our anti-static solution to provide the protection you have come to expect from our ESD/ anti-static solutions.


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We invite you to contact us today to evaluate your existing and future product needs. We have the ability to match existing parts or assist in the design of new parts. We are also able to print 3D samples of product to ensure proper fit prior to building the tooling and moving forward to initial production.

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