Anti-Static Tubes

Don’t chance buying tubes that fail to deliver the protection your parts require.

Your Preferred ESD Protective Packaging Experts

We offer all variety of packaging tubes to meet your needs. Flexibility in being able to use conductive material or rigid PVC combined with our proprietary anti-static solution to provide the desired protection.

We are capable of handling both large and small volumes and are able to supply industry standard tube solutions for DIP, PLCC, LCC, SOIC, SOJ, SOP, SSOP, TSSOP, QNF, MFL, LPCC.

We are completely capable of cutting custom lengths and also have in-house services to provide drilling, pin/plug placement, and can accommodate special packaging requirements for clean room environments.


We're Ready to Assist

Plastics Resources has 30 plus years specializing in packaging tubes for sensitive electronic components. Let us help design, produce, and supply your anti-static or conductive tubes. As a ISO9100:2015 certified company we can meet your supplier quality requirements. We also have warehousing solutions to assist with JIT inventorying programs.


Delivering your products safely to their end desitnation should not be left to chance. Let us know if you have other questions so that you can have peace of mind that your products are adequately protected.

Are There Minimum Order Volumes?

We can accommodate small orders for an added fee, or we can work with you to place a larger PO where we warehouse your product and ship according to your schedule.

What Kind Of Protection?

If you select a conductive material the anti-static protection will be specific to the designated material. For our add-on anti-static protection we are able to provide a dissipative protection of 108 Ω.

Can We do a Custom Print?

Yes, we are able to provide a custom print on your tubes. Many of our customers ask that we include their company name with part number on each tube we produce.

Do You have End Stop Solutions?

Yes we do! We carry a variety of plugs, pins, and tube stuffers. We invite you to learn more by clicking here.