Plastic Extrusion

Extruding plastic parts since 1984 and still going strong.

What is Extrusion?

Extruding plastics is a remarkable process that we get to work on every single day. The process might seem simple, but a lot goes into getting the variables right to produce a finished product that will hold up for years to come. 

Which Material?

Poly chlor .. what? Yeah, it can get a little confusing, but each plastic material has characteristics to meet specific demands. We can help teach you the basics or make recommendations during the design process.

Secondary Work?

Would you prefer outsourcing some of the secondary work or assembly for your product? We’re happy to help take care of some of these steps as part of our manufacturing process so that you don’t have to worry about it later.

Custom Solutions?

Every plastic extruded part starts out as a custom application. “Custom” is just part of the game. The great part of plastic extrusion is the ability to produce quality parts with a lower initial investment than say injection molding.  

Once an initial design or concept is ready, we recommend leveraging our 3D printing capabilities to ensure that everything is right before producing the tooling and moving to production. This is great way to minimize risks that can accompany a new part or project.

Plastics Resources prides itself in coming up with custom solutions to help bring your ideas to life. As a second generation family business we draw on all of our collective experience to get every project right. We invite you to give us the opportunity to prove ourselves and win your business. 



Regardless of your experience with plastics or the number of projects you’ve participated in, we know you might have questions. We’ve covered a few here, but we are happy to answer more if you still need help.

Is Tooling Expensive For New Parts?

We know that nobody loves this answer, but it depends. Each project can have a number of variables that need to be taken into consideration as part of the tool design process. Once we know more about the application and specifics of your project we can determine the costs to move your project forward.

Do You Have Size Limitations?

While we’d like to say no, we do have size limitations. However, we can generally produce parts up to 5 inches in diameter. If your part is larger than this contact us to let us help evaluate options.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Once again, it depends on your project. However, on most projects, we can ship your new product within 4 weeks from initial contact.

Can You Assist With Product Design?

Yes, we can help in designing your product. We often find that projects can move more quickly and be more successful when we are involved earlier on in the process, especially if you are unsure what material you should use.