Plastics Resources, Inc. offers a broad range of innovative solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether big or small, our projects are executed with precision, in accordance with the highest quality standards. We specialize in three areas: custom extrusion, anti-static packaging, and vinyl fencing.
Custom Extrusion
Over the years, we have become highly specialized in the art of custom plastic extrusion, and we are confident that we can help, whatever your needs are. Our expert extruders with over 50 years combined experience operate four single-screw lines at our manufacturing facility located in Logan, Utah, 80 miles north of Salt Lake City. Our efficiency and experience mean that we have what it takes to get the job done right.
Packaging Tubes
PRI manufactures stock and custom anti-static packaging tubes to protect electronic components, micro-devices, and connectors during shipping, storage, handling, and assembly operations.
Some additional services which we can provide for your carrier tubes include:
Anti-static protection
Plastic box liners to prevent cardboard fibers from entering your tubes
Punched or tabbed tube ends
Pre-plugged or pinned tube ends
Loose plugs or pins to secure your parts at a later time
Vinyl Fencing
PRI prides itself in manufacturing quality vinyl fence. We currently manufacture both ranch-rail and full privacy fence product in various colors. PRI also has routering capabilities for your posts. We stand behind our vinyl product and offer a competitive warranty on our vinyl products.
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