Over the next two months we will be going through the 6 C’s of our process here at PRI Plastics. The 6 C’s consist of: Collect, Collaborate, Construct, Complete, Control, Confirm. We believe that the 6 C process allows us to be the best plastic extruders available for you and your project.

The first step in the process is collecting. The collection stage includes all of the time we put into collecting data for your specific project. This includes meeting with you in addition to doing research on our own. We like to meet with each of our clients in order to understand what their needs, desires, and expectations are when it comes to working with PRI Plastics. After we meet with our clients, we collect all of the necessary data we can get our hands on to ensure we are going into this with as much knowledge as possible. Does this sound like your cup of tea? Give PRI Plastics a call today to collaborate and learn more about our process for yourself!