When you are looking for a vinyl fence manufacture, Plastic Resources Inc. is a great choice. We offer a vinyl fence product that lasts for years. But what makes our vinyl fence production so unique is the fact that we use high quality vinyl plastics that are more flexible than other plastic products, and thicker.

Brittle plastics are less expensive and lower quality one, because of the materials they are made with, and two, because many fence manufacturers will use very thin plastic. Sure, the vinyl is thick enough to stand up in most cases, but when your fence has to deal with the fluctuations between hot and cold weather for years, the cheaper, more brittle and thinner plastics will crack and break.

We use a vinyl product when fabricating our vinyl fence that is thicker and more flexible. We do this by creating plastic extrusion dies that are cut with wider lines to allow more of the vinyl product to pass though the die. As the vinyl is extruded, it cools slowly and creates a thicker, more flexible vinyl fence.

Because of our vinyl fence manufacturing process, we have a manufacturers warranty that is second to none. We pride ourselves in standing behind our vinyl fencing products. Whether you are a large scale supplier, or a one man do it yourself kind of guy or girl, you can count on Plastic Resources Inc. to deliver a high quality vinyl fencing product to fit your needs. Because we can produce these products on demand, we can also offer you the opportunity to pick from a wide variety of colors and even custom colors to match your outdoor decorating needs. Call today for a free quote.