Anti-static packaging? What is it? Why would I need static protection in my packaging?

ASP packaging is a packaging solution with a protective coating that helps prevent the buildup of static electricity and allows you to safely transport and store electronic products that are at risk of damage from static electricity.

But that’s not all. It also protects your shipments from attracting dust and from damage in shipping, both things that are not what consumers want to see when their goods arrive.

Special plastic coatings are applied to protect against Electrostatic discharge (ESD), which is a solution for storage of electronic components such as semiconductors and printed circuit boards among other items that may contain flammable liquids or gasses. 

What Is ESD or Electrostatic Discharge?

Remember when you were a kid and you’d rub your feet on the carpet to build up a charge and then tap your finger on someone to surprise them with a shock? That is essentially what ESD is, it’s the build up of static electricity and can not only give your friend a shock, it can also cause damage to electronic products during shipping if not treated properly.

The Need for Anti-Static Packaging

This is where Anti-Static Packaging becomes a must have when shipping products that can be damaged by static electricity. 

With the growth and innovation in electronics and electronic products, transistors and chips are getting smaller and faster, which means they are also more susceptible than ever to the effects of small electrical charges that occur naturally.

Materials and surfaces (including the human body) are neutrally charged because there are equal amounts of protons, neutrons and electrons within and on them. But, when electrons move freely between surfaces, the neutrality is altered and they begin to make contact, causing positive and negative charges, which leads to electrostatic activity. And that can damage your customer’s products if you don’t properly treat the shipping vessels to prevent ESD buildup.

Why Choose Plastic Resources Inc?

Plastics Resources, Inc. is among the leading U.S manufacturers of anti-static plastic packaging, supplying companies throughout the United States and has been serving many of its customers for decades. PRI offers static-control packing tubes, end stopper plugs and pins, ESD packaging trays and more.

Custom Plastic Solutions 

We want you to be completely satisfied with our packaging. That’s why we dedicate a lot of time to providing our customers with personalized advice to help them find the ideal packaging solution for their electronic products.