Here at PRI Plastics, we do a lot of our own heavy lifting. Sales, manufacturing, design, you name it! Since we do a lot of aspects of business in house, we understand the importance of keeping costs low and staying on schedule. That’s why builders are near to our hearts. It’s important for builders to keep their costs low, and we know just how! By working with PRI Plastics directly, builders are able to cut out middlemen and get the vinyl fencing they need for any size project. We have a variety of patterns and options to fit any style of home or business builders may be involved in. We also know how important it is to stay on schedule. When building a new residence or business, schedules can change. Fences are an aspect that definitely need to go in at the right time in the right place. That’s why we are dedicated to staying on schedule, but also keeping things flexible if your schedule changes. Sound like a company you as a builder or landscaper want to do business with? Give PRI Plastics a call today!